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A real national broadband plan

As the U.S. Congress considers the FCC's national broadband plan to provide affordable high-speed Internet access throughout the country, CLOUT is working to make fiber optic broadband technology the primary method of delivering this broadband access to all Americans. Compared to wireless technology, fiber optic broadband provides greater reliability, speed, capacity, and security, and does not require the installation of unsightly cell towers and intrusive wireless facilities in residential neighborhoods and scenic areas over which local governments, under the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996, have limited authority to regulate and control.

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Background and purpose

The proliferation of cell towers, cellular antenna base stations, and other wireless facilities over the past 15 years has had a dramatic effect on the American landscape. The concerns that arise when these types of facilities are proposed for communities include reduction in property values, destruction of views, and adverse impacts on human health and the environment.

The crux of the matter: Telecommunications Act of 1996, Section 704

Since its adoption by the U.S. Congress and signing into law by President Clinton, Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 has dramatically reduced state and local governmental control, authority, and decision-making over the placement, construction, and modification of cell towers and other commercial wireless facilities.

As a result, the rights of citizens throughout the United States are severely compromised with respect to the ability to protect property values, enjoyment of homes, health, and the environment whenever telecommunications towers and related wireless facilities are proposed.

States and localities should be able to exercise control over the siting and modification of wireless facilities through the use of zoning, planned growth, and other controls relating to their traditional role of protecting the health, safety, and welfare of their citizens.

Take action

Together we can establish a nationwide coalition to restore local control over these crucial decisions affecting our lives.

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Public endorsers of our petition include the following organizations, government officials, and professionals in relevant fields.

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Community Educational Council District 30
Queens, NY

The EMR Network
Charlotte, VT

Families Against Cell Towers Near Schools (FACTS)
City Island, NY

Oceanside City Accountability For Neighborhoods
Oceanside, CA

Urban & Environmental Policy Institute
Los Angeles, CA

Sharon Bronson
Pima County Supervisor, District 3
Tucson, AZ

Healthy Home Alliance
Naperville, IL

Coalition to Regulate Antennae Siting
New York, NY

Chellis Glendinning
Chimayó, NM

Glendale Organized Against Cell Towers (GOACT)
Glendale, CA

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